Amplixin Hair Care Product Review

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Amplixin Hair Care Product Review

Amplixin Intensive Growth Serum

This is hair heaven in a bottle. The growth serum is a leave-in conditioner made of my favorite hair growth aid: biotin. I used it on my thinning edges from wearing wigs and it helped. I will continue to use this product line to see growth results. And the plus: it’s all natural, sulfate and paraben free.

Amplixin Hydrating Hair Masque

I’ve been looking for a hair masque to use after over trying Shea Moisture. As a result I happened upon Amplixin products and decided to give their masque a try. I left it on for five extra minutes than the instructions and enjoyed the way my curls looked after I washed it out. It wasn’t too thick and washed away without leaving my hair dry and brittle.

Amplixin Stimulating Shampoo

I’m not too big on shampoo. I’ve been co-washing for three years now. But I’m committed to trying new products to help grow my thinning hair. This shampoo tingles when you put it on. It had my hair smelling fresh and super clean. It washed easily without tangling my natural curls like other shampoos I’ve tried.

Amplixin Stimulating Conditioner

I used this as a co-wash and love it more than the shampoo. My hair does better with conditioner as a shampoo anyway… My curls pop when I use it as a leave-in. But after a few days my curls look dry – definition is still there but the moisture is lacking.

Amplixin Biotin Vitamins

I’ve been growing my hair naturally for what seems like forever. I transitioned my relaxed hair (which I did once or twice a year to loosen my curls) when my youngest was born six years ago and haven’t been able to get passed a certain length (shoulder-length). My goal is bra-length for my straight hair and at least to my collar bone when it’s curly. I’ve tried rice water treatments, hot oil treatments and every kind of vitamin supplements you can think of – and haven’t gotten to the goal yet.

This one has shown great promise with my hard-to-grow hair. After a few days of faithfully popping them, I was able to see a noticeable difference. My hair has strengthened, the massive shedding stopped and I can see my edges filling in. I also drink water to sprout my hair and try to add leafy greens into my diet. But you can really tell these supplements add the oomph. I’ve tried the whole system, from their shampoo (which I don’t care for) to their hair masque (love) and conditioner (love love) but these supplements I would spend the money on! They retail for $25 on Amazon but they also have 8 x more biotin in a serving than any other hair, skin, nail vitamin I’ve tried. Don’t take my word for it though, try them for yourself.


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