Ignorance Is Bliss

Music. Fashion. Beauty. Life.

At 22, Ashley Johnson swore she had her life figured out. With her #lifegoals on deck, Ashley was ready to find her Mr. Right - the one thing Ashley always seems to get wrong!

One dating mishap after another had turned Ashley quest for love into a journey from hell. When she learns she's been infected with the gift that keeps of giving, Ashley is forced to tell her new boo thang, Jamal Jenkins, whom she’s only been dating for a few months. While Jamal nonchalantly accepts her health news and while Ashley falls head over heels in love, Jamal keeps Ashley in the friend zone, unbeknownst to her. Late night visits, unanswered texts and unnecessary excuses, fills Ashley with doubt...she finally begins to question how much she actually knows about Jamal. As she begins to investigate with her intuition as her guide, Ashley learns who the real Jamal is - from a highly unlikely, yet reliable source - his fiance!

Jamal’s betrayal causes Ashley to descend into a deep depression. Ashley’s friends, Taylor, Morgan and Taeya, rally to lift her spirits with booze and bad behavior. During a night of clubbing, Ashley meets the tall, dark and handsome Travis Grant, who shows a genuine interest in getting to know Ashley, that Ashley can't accept.

Full of fear, Ashley friendzones Travis until she figures out his real intentions. Travis disappoints by feeding Ashley with a few lies of his own. Ashley soon realizes that most men will hide any and everything that may jeopardize them from getting what they really want. Once you know...there's no going back.

Chapter List

Be Happy. Miss You. How it was Supposed to Be. Love Is Blind. Welcome to Heartbreak. Mary Go Round. Never Again. Me, Myself & I. So Sick. One Wish. Half-Crazy. Love. Pretty Wings. The Light. Epilogue: Spotlight.


Character List

Main Characters

  • Ashley Jay Johnson
  • Eric Smith
  • Taylor Smith-Matthews
  • Christopher Matthews
  • Morgan Williams
  • Taeya Miller
  • Jamal Jenkins (Jay-J)
  • Travis Grant
  • DJ Manny Money
  • Raymond King


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