Stuck On Stupid

Music. Fashion. Beauty. Life.

Raymond King's main focus in life has always been women. When Ray returned to his hometown to deal with the death of his father, his focus shifted to financially maintaining a household, helping his younger brother and sister finish their last year in high school and keeping his drug-addicted mother sober and off the streets. As the calls for the deceased from creditors increased and Ray's inheritance slowly dwindling, Ray's focus has to change yet again—to getting his money up—and fast. Ray recruits the women in his life: his on-again/off-again girlfriend, Stacy; his steady side chick, Alana, and his slew of randoms—to help him keep his father's legacy alive. Juggling the demands of concupiscent women were never a problem for Ray, until he falls for Ashley Jay, a feisty blogger who refuses to fall for the lies of sexually-motivated men. Ashley Jay challenges Ray to the ultimate test: be a better man for her or stay stuck in his stupid, playboy ways.


Chapter List

Spotlight. Ego. Girls. Pachanga. Sex. Fireworks. Ex-Factor. Break Up 2 Make Up. Last Time. Valentine. Have No Fear. Sweet Dreams. Un-thinkable (I’m Ready). Epilogue: Un-thinkable—Part II.


Character List

Main Characters

  • Raymond King (King Ray)
  • Richard (Richie) King Jr.
  • Rochelle (Shelley) King
  • Richard King Sr.
  • Shirley King
  • Alana Davis
  • Stacy Callihan
  • Ashley Jay Johnson
  • Malcolm Cunningham
  • DJ Manny Money
  • Michael (Mikey) Brown


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