Triumphs & Tragedies

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Triumphs & Tragedies (2019)

As Ashley Jay plans her dream wedding to Raymond King, she finds herself struggling with uncertainty. Ashley’s past plays a big role in the doubt she has with Ray’s authenticity. However, Ray truly loves Ashley and is willing to give up his playboy ways for a chance of a lifetime with his queen. As Ashley struggles to give Ray the benefit of her doubts, Ray struggles with losing his identity as he transitions into a grown man for his new bride.

Just as one relationship flourishes, another is on the brink of demise. Taylor’s marriage to Chris loses its spark as Chris’ past choices begin to catch up to him. With this new discovery, Chris jeopardizes his marriage and family life, as Taylor tries to figure out if Chris returned to his old habits. Taylor spends her time trying to redefine herself, apart from Chris and her rich father, only to learn she has an attraction to a co-worker that puts herself in harm’s way.

Find out what happens to Ashley & Ray and Chris & Taylor in Triumphs & Tragedies, the explosive ending of the Love & Lies trilogy.