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The Crown Act May Pass Legislation in California

California is set to be the first state to outlaw policies that punish black employees and students for their hairstyles with the Crown Act. The Crown Act, which was passed in April, has been cultivated to create a respectful, open workspace for natural hair and comes after Chastity Jones claimed to have lost her job…
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New York Joins the Fight Against Hair Discrimination

On Friday July 12, Andrew Cuomo, governor of New York, has signed the CROWN Act NY A7797 into law, effective immediately. The CROWN Act will prohibit employers and schools from enforcing “race-neutral” grooming policies that usually restrict natural hair styles. According to a study conducted by Dove, black women are 80% more likely to change…
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Tried & True: Drinking Water for Hair Growth

Drinking Water for Hair Growth The Good Sixty percent of our adult bodies are made up of water. Water is cheap and accessible everywhere. Water hydrates the body, regulates the circulatory systems which is supposed to feed hair follicles to promote growth. The Bad Making yourself drink water can be challenging, mostly due to the…
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Why I Wear Sew-Ins, Weaves & Wigs

How Come Black Women’s Hairstyles Are Always Up for Debate? #QuestionsThatNeedAnswers Everybody seems to have a solution for what they think is a problem: how black women wear their hair, particularly the decision to wear our hair in sew-ins, weaves and wigs. The way we want to present ourselves shouldn’t be as debatable as it…
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Why I Wear Braids

Black women: Are Braids Ours? #QuestionsThatNeedAnswers Why does it seem like society tries to strip black women of everything – even something as trivial as braids? How come the media is branding braids as a Kardashian style or Bo Derek? Y’all claiming braids, now? Like really? I know it’s trendy now and everybody’s doing it…
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