Music: Behind the Beats: The Evolution of Dae One

If you don’t know his name, more than likely, you’ve bumped a track or two that had been produced by California native Dameon “Dae One” Garrett. The music enthusiast has worked with some of hip hop’s most recognizable names including Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Jay Rock and SZA featuring Chance the Rapper to produce his version of “timeless music.” Dae One had the opportunity to produce songs like “So Gangsta,” “Life in California,” and “Child’s Play,” – to name a few.

He is currently working on a handful of projects with rapper Suga Free, Dave East, Kurupt (Tha Dogg Pound) and independent artist Rachel from Arizona, who is an acoustic guitar player with plans to fuse folk music with some hip hop flavor. “I’m still hungry. I’m working like I just [got] started.”

How It All Started

Once an aspiring rapper, Dae One found out he was a beat maker when he couldn’t find songs that sounded the way he heard them in his head. As a result, Dae One began to produce his own songs and evolved into a producer. “I had to go with the flow,” he said of his rap career. When other artists hit him up for a Dae One beat more than they asked him for a feature, he was a better producer than a rapper. “If they were willing to spend money on my beats, I knew I was good,” Dae One said. 

Meet the Masters

Usually, people only hear about they became performers and what work they had to put into a hit song. “The producer has a lot to do with that,” Dae One said. “Producers don’t always get to share their perspective,” Dae One stated. “They deserve the spotlight.”

Dae One wanted to give other producers a “good platform” to share their insight about the music game, studio etiquette and the overall development of a song – as well as give emerging songwriters and producers a chance to introduce their work to industry insiders and get real feedback.

Dae One recently began a Meet the Masters workshop to showcase the production side of making of a hit record from the perspectives of songwriters and producers. Dae One held the workshop’s first event at 1500 Sound Studio Academy in Inglewood, and invited his good friend, Grammy-nominated musician and producer, Terrace Martin, as a guest speaker. Martin has produced tracks for Kendrick Lamar, DJ Quick, Wiz Khalifa and the Game, among others. The results of the first class: two producers worked together on album and a songwriter got signed. Dae One hopes students learn to network – not only to try to work with big names – but with each other. “Get contact information, but nurture those relationships.”  Building your relationships opens doors. “It’s your opportunity. Be on your game.”

The next Meet the Masters workshop is slated for the spring, but is still in the planning stages. Dae One hopes to schedule Daz Dillinger or Scott Storch as the next guest speaker.

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