TBT: The New Sound of Vivian Green

The new sound of Vivian Green is here and she hopes fans listen with eager ears and open minds. The songstress released a video for her new single, “Get Right Back to My Baby,” off of her upcoming, Vivid, due out August 7th. The song is available for purchase on iTunesVivid would have been titled V being that it is Vivian Green’s fifth album, but V didn’t feel “original” after a little bit of research (aka Google). Vivid was chosen to reflect a different facet of Vivian Green’s personality, which she has yet to portray through her music – until now. The singer, who is most known for her hit “Emotional Rollercoaster,” hopes fans drop the “sad” stereotype she’s been stamped with over the span of her 12-plus-year recording career with her latest. “I’m the last person who will be in the corner sad and [sulking]. I want people to say, ‘She has energy, she dances, she smiles. I want to play her album when I work out’ .”

Vivian Green made her recording debut in 2002 at a tender age when the growing pains of life were still fresh. “I don’t think people realize how young I was when my first album came out.  When I signed to Sony, I was 21. By the time the record came out I was about 22 or 23. I think people assume that I was probably the age I am now, in my early 30s, you know, when my first album dropped but I was not.”

It’s been over a decade since we were introduced to her, yet Vivian has still been boxed-in by the labels that come along with being a recording artist with a relatable muse: heartbreak.  “My first three albums were about first love and the rebound that comes after it. Those things in that major way – only happen once or twice – hopefully not twice, but definitely once and it usually when you’re very young. Those albums were the purging of those situations. Of course, I’m not there now. Hallelujah!

As I continue to be true to myself and the music that I create that’s the only way I can be true to my fans, you know? I can’t shake sadness.  I write based off of my experience – that’s what I did in the beginning and I will continue to do that. I have to be true to that. I’m glad people love those records and can refer to them whenever they want to, but I just can’t do [the labels].”

Vivid was produced in its entirety by Kwame Holland, a New York rapper turned producer, who has produced records for some of the biggest names in hip hop, including 50 cent, Method Man and the legendary Will Smith. According to the artist, “hip-hop-head” Kwame had a different approach than what Vivian Green had been used to working with in the past. Even though the two “strong personalities” clashed often, Vivian Green couldn’t be happier with the finished product. “The end result was the best part,” of the Vivid project for Miss Green. “Sometimes the best things come out of chaos.”

Vivid is set to be released on Kwame’s label, Make Noise/Caroline Records early August.


Article originally published on RhymeJunkie.com

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