TBT: Who Is Joyner Lucas?

Have you heard of the emcee, Joyner Lucas? If you’ve never heard of this dude – he’s sure to make a lasting impression. According to Vibe.com, Joyner Lucas is an artist worth listening to. DJ Booth says Joyner Lucas is one of those rappers that brings lyricism back into hip-hop. But to Joyner Lucas, he’s just “the kid who wanted to do music all his life.”

Joyner Lucas took his long-time love affair with music on the road. “In order to focus I had to separate myself and sacrifice…in order to get my mind right.” The Massachusetts native moved to two radically different states, Montana and Florida, to gain perspective and life experiences. Those experiences not only helped him grow as a person,  but it helped hone his skills as an artist. “I grew out of doing what’s cool. I’m not afraid to talk about myself or my struggle.

I’ve always embraced who I am, regardless if it’s cool. I like to do things that not everybody else is doing.” That includes not listening to Hip-Hop, wearing Vans, rocking out to house music and wanting to collab with Prince and Adelle over any Hip-Hop artist.

Joyner aims to be the “faced of New England, music wise,” but would also branch out into acting.  “I write a lot of my video treatments and they all involve acting.” He is currently working on a video for his latest single, “She Don’t Need Me No More.”

Joyner Lucas released his long-awaited album, Along Came Joyner, in mid-April, as the sole artist on the independent label, Dead Silence Records. The 21-track mixtape tackles conscious subject matter (with songs like, “Dear America: Don’t Shoot” and “Half N**ger”), showcases different flows and Joyner’s thought-provoking storytelling. Joyner hopes to “do it as big as the majors,” while staying true to himself – the kid who always wanted to do music.



Article originally posted on RhymeJunkie.com on 4/29/2015

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