Throwback Thursday: Exclusive: Keith Murray Talks 20th Anniversary & Battle Rap

“The Keith Murray 20th-anniversary tour is coming this year, this summer. My album, The Most Beautifullest Thing turns twenty years this year and we celebrating that with a tour my manager set up,” Keith Murray explains. Keith Murray also has plans to do an 18-year anniversary tour for his second album, Enigma, which dropped in 1996. “I’m performing all the songs from album to album. No special guests. This is not a. I want to give fans the Keith Murray Experience.”
“The King of Metaphors” was introduced to the world in 1994 when he was featured on Erick Sermon’s single, “Hostile,” off Sermon’s No Pressure album. Erick Sermon then went to produce Keith Murray’s debut album, The Most Beautifullest Thing in This World, which became Keith Murray’s biggest solo hit. The album sold over 500,000 copies in the U.S. Murray went on to create four more albums, Enigma (1996), It’s A Beautiful Thing (1998), He’s Keith Murray (2003) and Rap-Murr-Phobia (2007). 
Legal woes has hindered the progression of his music career. Most notably, his Def Jam firing after a physical altercation with a staff member but Keith Murray hopes to do what he can to reach the ears of a new generation of new fans. “I’m from the era of battle rap. I got a history in battle rap. My uncle use to take me everywhere in Brooklyn, every project, jumping out the truck – just battling. That’s where I come from and a lot of people don’t know. I don’t think people realize. If you listen to a Keith Murray record, a lot of my records are messages of positivity – but a lot of it is battle rap. Hardcore, metaphorical, lyrical combat.”
In 2011, Keith Murray teamed up with battle rapper Cannibus for a joint project, The Undergods. In December of 2014, Keith Murray was scheduled to battle Fredro Starr (of the ’90s rap group Onyx). The battle never happened due to contractual issues, but Keith Murray is still game to do it. “I want the battle [with Fredro]. His career would’ve ended. I’ll battle anybody.”
Keith Murray also wants to set the record straight for anyone who doesn’t have faith in his lyrical abilities to win a battle rap – namely Twista.  “There are rappers out there that were taking sides – a few rappers like Twista. He said Fredro is more polished. You crazy, Twista. I’ll battle Twista for $200-$300K. Somebody put up $300,000 and Twista can be the next one after Fredro. Don’t get Keith Murray started. ” In addition to pitching his fee for a Twista battle, Keith Murray is actually in the studio working on new music. He is currently working on his verse for a single off of friend/producer’s Erick Sermon’s upcoming still-untitled album. Keith Murray is also writing to Erick-Sermon-produced-beats for his own project. Listen to his latest EP, Laws of Polarity below. Also, catch the Keith Murray feature on the song, “Exhale” by Abillyon – also featuring K. Michelle and Raekwon.


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