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Ignorance Is Bliss

What you don't know can hurt you - and Ashley Johnson finds this out the hard way. After receiving a devastating diagnosis, Ashley's faith in love is tested when she has to reveal the secret to her new boo, Jamal Jenkins. Ashley believes Jay-J is the one for her. Will Ashley's diagnosis change how Jay-J feels about her? Can Ashley finally have the happiness she's longed for for so long? Find out in Ignorance Is Bliss.

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Stuck On Stupid

Repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results is the definition of crazy. All of the ladies in Raymond King's life are stuck on stupid when it comes to Ray's playboy ways. When Ray meets Ashley Jay, he falls in lust and thinks he can run that same tired game on her - only to find himself in a battle between love and lust.

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Triumphs & Tragedies

Tashema Chanel delivers a captivating story of fake love and real lies with her latest novel, Triumphs & Tragedies. Real love is tested as one couple battles to stay together as their past threatens to tear them apart, while another couple form bonds of lust  as one's pursuit of happiness turns into an obsession. And the fallout turns lives upside down in Triumphs & Tragedies.

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Tashema Chanel

"I am a writer. I can write about any- and everything. Writing is what I do!"

"I write. I write well. I write the truth. I write my perception of the truth. I write what reveals the truth. I write what inspires the truth in others. I write the truth that causes us to cringe. But more importantly, I write the truth that causes us to think and to change."

---Tashema Chanel




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