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Do You Dream of Starting a Business?

Are You a Goal Getter? Ambitious. Driven. Determined. Goal-oriented.

A Goal Getter’s Guide To Success

It’s a vision board in a book! This personal planner aims to help organize your thoughts and ideas into a tangible plan of action. Broken down step by step, your goals become easier to get done.

Triumphs & Tragedies

Love is tested when the past threatens to tear relationships apart. Tragedy unfolds as the pursuit of happiness turns into a dangerous obsession. And the fallout turns lives upside down.

Stuck On Stupid

Repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results is a form of crazy...or is it just down right stupid? When Raymond King meets Ashley Jay Johnson, he gets stuck in a lustful game — only to talk himself into a relationship he's not prepared to keep.

"I write. I write well. Writing is what I do. Naturally. Easily. I write the truth. I write my perception of the truth. I write to reveal the truth. I write what inspires the truth in others. I write the truth that causes people to cringe. I write the truth that causes us to think, and more importantly, to change."

Tashema Chanel